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Tuesday, June 25, 2002 @ 21:52 | Challenge?

XPlaying the iPod out of Windows beta

Good fortune! The 10 Gb iPod has finally, after much struggle and delay, decided to surrender and become mine. It's but a rewrapping (to make it look used and ineligible for that nasty 25% import tax) and a trip across the Atlantic away.

Fitting 2000 tunes, it can almost hold my entire collection of mp3's. And certainly all the important ones. Ahhh, sweet snow-covered audio delight.

Being short of a Macintosh, though, I'll be forced to go third party for the computer link-up and tune transfering. My chosen date for that party will be XPlay. Mediafour claims that you (almost) won't be missing the iTunes integration, leaving the PC feeling less as a second rate iPod companion.

And lo and behold, XPlay just left months of alpha and beta trials to become 1.0 at a asking price of $29.99 a few days ago. Snatch! I'll take one of those.

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