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Tuesday, June 18, 2002 @ 23:19 | Challenge?

The day after tomorrow

At one past twelve on the day after tomorrow, I'll be but an hour from having completed the first year at the Copenhagen Business School. It's so close. Thirty minutes to prepare, fifteen minutes to defend a 50-paged paper, and fifteen minutes to talk about a random pick from the computer science curriculum.

Then? 73 days of liberation from tiresome group work, grueling lectures, and guilty procrastination. Divine. Not that I dislike studying, mind you. The past ten months have been breathtakingly insightful. The world makes more sense now. I feel smarter. I appreciate more.

And how luck would have it that I've meet a girl too. Tall, sharp, nuanced (and exceedingly cute). It would seem I won't be needing a daily fix of Girls Suck for a while. Nor that of Dating.dk.

The prospects for the Summer is shining bright.

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