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Thursday, June 13, 2002 @ 13:24 | Challenge?

Can patience be discovered and captured?

What are the barriers of changing to my personality? How much of it is the chemical composition of fluids flowing around that lump of gray muscle in your skull versus the abstract idea of "who I am"?

These are the questions that have been boggling my mind for the last couple of days, as I've tried to pin down what exactly it would take to teach me patience. I'm not a patience man, but I'd like to be, hence the search for a "how to".

I wonder if it's possible to develop character qualities, like patience, merely by wishing and thinking it should be so. Or whether it requires practical training that evolve into memories, which are then compounded into the desired quality?

Or is it even beyond me by design? Could patience be a quality woven into the genetic fabric I'm made of?

Answer existing or not, wiser men has undoubtedly been pondering these questions before me. Now if only I could find their cheat sheet, their how to, I wouldn't have to waste all this time trying to figure it out myself.

Give me patience, already!

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