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Monday, May 27, 2002 @ 21:35

Deep friendship is chosing silence

Most of my friendships revolve around an external circumstance that defines and binds the friendship. Study buddies. Colleagues. People with whom I share hobbies. Some of these external circumstances are finite in time, and when they expire, the friendship changes character to that of an acquaintanceship.

This happened when I left primary school. And again after high school. Or when I stopped weaving stories as dungeon master for others to play. Or as I laid my sabre to rest.

The deep friendships that have endured the abandon of the external circumstance have all been of the kind that makes silence a comfortable, concious choice. The kind where you always have something to talk about. And when you break up for the evening, you feel like you've could have continued on forever.

It's the kind that more often than not leaves you wiser of yourself after each meeting. These are the friends that define you as a person.

Thanks Gisin for reminding me last night.

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