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Tuesday, May 21, 2002 @ 19:51

The disappointment that was Episode II

Episode II equaled the mismatch of 1999 as an utter disappointment. Yes, the effects were breathtaking at times. It surely is a CGI marvel to behold, and kudos to the designers for coming up with such a huge cast of races, robots, cities, ships, and scenery. But more importantly, it's so too much, so over the top, so flashy. So wrong.

If only a director or editor with less love of glitter and more passion for story had been calling the shots -- what a movie it could have been! George Lucas is neither. Waiting 16 years (1983 to 1999) to resume the Star Wars saga has obviously made him unable to think clearly. And his insistence on doing everything himself (Episode V and VI was written with help from Leigh Brackett and Lawrence Kasdan respectively) is surely no help.

Forget the hype. Episode II doesn't even cut it as mediocre. It's bad.

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