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Tuesday, April 23, 2002 @ 23:59

Someone has a crush on you!

ACrushOnYou.com has a shrewd spam pony tricking unsuspectable suckers. Beware! The deal goes like this: first you recieve a taunting email, saying "someone has a crush on you". Ever vain, and given my real email address used in the mail, I fell for it. Flat on my face.

So I go to the website where they make you guess on the "person" who has a crush on you. Person being in quotation marks, as I likely suspect that someone to be a robot scraping my address from somewhere. Probably this site.

Anyway, guessing the "person" requires entering email addresses on who you think has a crush on you. You can see this coming, can't you? Spam alarm bells going DING-DING-DING. Yet I walk straight into the trap, entering the first five female email addresses I can think of.

Then the alarm bells get my attention. My first thought: Fuck. Of course the ring of spams will ripple on to those five new email addresses. And yes, point seven in their FAQ: "Why are the people Im guessing receiving emails?". Because people are vain, ever curios, and too trusting.

Because I'm vain, ever curios, and too trusting.

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