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Thursday, April 11, 2002 @ 18:50

All words, no meaning

Mygdahl points to Scient as an example of good design and communication style. Although he does note the buzzword mongering, I don't think he really thought it over. What good is pretty colors and nice graphics if it does nothing to make me understand their message?

Opening paragraph from the What We Do page:

Your shareholders demand results. Your clients demand results. Your employees demand results. Real results are not created by your business strategy or technology alone, rather they are based upon the experience those channels yield to your customers, partners, and employees.
Pleeeeeease. What a bunch of hoey. And that nice Experience Factor graphic that goes along with it says exactly as little.

Rule: Don't lie to me. Clicking "What We Do" means I want to know what you do. Not being fed some "You demand results" crap from the all words, no meaning machine.

I want to be rewarded with information for every single line I read. If it's not pulling its own weight in delivering insight, it has to go. Copy editing 101.

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