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Sunday, April 7, 2002 @ 20:42

The rules end the randomness

Fellow blogger Ralph have decided to "...quit while [he's] ahead", and have terminated the delightful near-daily story telling that was Rules'n'Randomness. I sincerely hope he does in fact "...change [he's] mind next week", as I for one will indeed miss the daily dose of like-minded thinking.

That's probably why I'll miss R'n'R the most (what a nice abbreviation :)). It reminded me of me. I shared, or at least understood, most of Ralph's thinking. He continuously stroke a cord — in a well-played way — about life, software, and other subjects I enjoy.

As for unused potential, the motivation behind Ralph's decision to take a step back for a moment, I say: There will always be unused potential. Let's all work together on gaining more ground, improving the present one step at the time.

I too have a ton of thoughts on how to push forward blogging. Maybe we could ping-pong some thoughts and take a few steps together? I'd like that.

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