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Monday, March 25, 2002 @ 22:39

Turning 1024x768

My MAG Innovision XJ717 is old, tired, and blurry. In its youth, running a decent resolution, such as 1280x1024, was no sweat. If not crystal, then at least clear. True, the text on its 17 inches was a small, but a small sacrifice for the vast improvement in desktop space.

Not so any more. 1280x1024 combined with ClearType leaves any viewer waiting for their eyes to adapt. But it doesn't happen. It remains blurry. But you learn to cope.

Until you see how clear it can be. Getting the study group around for document hacking forced on the 1024x768 (as it's viewable more than 40 centimeters away). Wow! The text actually turning into a pleasant read. Amazing.

So now I'm giving it a chance. Sacrifice a roomy desktop to please the eye. I'll give it a week. If I can learn to live with 1024x768, I'm even going to pick up one of those iMacs. (It'll go well with the 10GB iPod I have on order ;))

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