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Wednesday, March 20, 2002 @ 22:07

Wired blows the lid off Singlefile

Together with Jason Fried of 37signals fame, I've been working since mid-December on giving book lovers the tool to keep their collections in check. Online.

We've been quitely leaking the link over the past few days, but of course that's an oxymoron. Leaking something like this is never quiet. Here's two...

Wired: Do-it-yourself librarianBibliophiles now have an online tool to help organize, manage and create ongoing updated records of their holdings. Singlefile, the newest offering from the developers of the book-database software BookBin, is in beta testing now with an expected launch next week.

KottkeJason Fried has released Singlefile, an online service to help organize and share your book collection. The attention to detail with regard to the interface design is amazing. Check out 10 reasons why Singlefile is the best way to keep track of your book collection if you're interested.

We're getting loads of new members already. Let's hope my code doesn't break down too hard.

Want to have a peak at what it's all about? Check out my shared collection or make a free collection of your own (25 books max.). The full version (500 books max.) is just $19.99/year.

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