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Sunday, March 10, 2002 @ 13:31

Pushback on balancing interaction

Now where getting somewhere. I got my first piece of public pushback in the 102nd post history of Loud Thinking. Yami writes in the comment section of Ralph's site:

Seems to me, he's taken a common sense, give-and-take view of human relationships, removed a few subtleties, and rewritten it with a depersonalized metaphor so it sounds all sciency and he feels brave for looking at the unvarnished truth.
It would be a sad world, if topics such as social interactions could only be discussed by formally trained professionals writing reports running in the hundreds of pages. None of my writing is presented as "the truth". Or even as scientifically valid. It's not the intention. It's Loud Thinking.

And what might be perceived by you as common sense, could come as a revelation to others (now that was wanking ;)). Before writing the piece, I hadn't thought that hard about the mechanics (staying in the metaphor) of relationships before. Then I did, and the result is what you see.

I heartily welcome critique of my thoughts, but I do prefer it to be of the educational kind. Tell me about the subtleties, you think I missed. Argue the use of a better metaphor. Much anything would be an improvement on the "someone probably wrote this better".

But regardless of the pushback quality, I'm thrilled. Yami sounds like a smart girl (being a geophysics major and all), so I'm sure she can do better. Bring it on.

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