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Wednesday, March 6, 2002 @ 15:12

Taking a cue from Lenny

I should be growing my Java project for delivery this Friday. We've had two weeks. I've spend a total of four hours on it. It's about time to get started, yet I continuously think up new cool things that "just needs to be done", and then I'll start. It's hugely productive, except not on what I should be productive on.

But what if you could trick your brain into thinking you had some important thing you needed to do, when you really didn't, and then harvest all that productive energy for fueling projects you wouldn't otherwise be doing? Taking a cue from Lenny. Trick yourself.

(Shout out: Got another buddy on to the blogging game)

Update: This is my 100th post since Loud Thinking started broadcasting brain nine months ago. Happy post-a-hundred to me!

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