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Tuesday, March 5, 2002 @ 22:46

A higher reason

I don't subscribe to any certified religion, but I do believe in a higher reason. Such as the one that has revealing it self to me over the last six months.

Around October last year, I lost my part-time position battling inane office politics, and occasionally writing a line or two of JSP, as The Company "adapted to market conditions".

I shared the fate of many. But I didn't worry. At least not at first. Not until I had to worry. That being when the balance of my bank account was at the end of its race towards red ink.

Sending out probes to friends in the industry didn't help much. Desperation sat in and I applied for five student positions, all for which I was, in my humble opinion, hugely over-qualifying. I got a couple of interviews, but struck out.

First a feeling of disbelief showed up, accompanied by a fair share of arrogance: How could they pass on this golden opportunity? Then fear: What if I never find another job?

Thankfully my luck turned around just as I had reached the fear stage. And in the best possible way, as a reward of helping someone out not looking for anything in return. The ripples from that event has been amazing.

I believe.

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