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Tuesday, March 5, 2002 @ 21:59

Sink holing creative endeavors

For the last couple of weeks, my life has been one of objects, constants, methods, loops, and—more mind-bending that all the other together—bugs. Programming, that is. And it's been great. I don't mind working hard when the work is educational.

But dwelling into a single area of creative expressionism for an extended period of time does has its disadvantages. I find it to be a sink hole of energy. Or maybe it's more like a snowball. Once you get it started, it'll attract more and more of your attention, until it's all you can do and breath.

Hence the slowdown of Loud Thinking. Or my all-time high indifference in preparing food of any nutritive value. Or the procrastination of dealing with onerous official papers, such as canceling that household insurance priced for home owners with a million kroners in stuff. Wait. Not much creative about the last two (or even the first, some would argue with a smile).

The point I'm trying to make is: I understand why people can grow addicted to a passion. Be it programming. Painting. Writing. Gaming. Anything that lets you feel the rush of rapid or satisfying improvement. You want more of that. Everything else is a nuisance.

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