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Monday, February 18, 2002 @ 19:45

Open Sorcerers with attitudes

JBoss is a Open Source implementation of the hugely complex J2EE standard (IMHO) for developing all things Java server-side. They're competing against players like IBM (with WebSphere) and BEA (with WebLogic) that are charging thousands of dollars for software that does the same, JBoss even claims does less, than the Open Source fellows.

But the best part is they come out guns blazing. Gone is your normal humble attitude of Open Source projects. Marc Fleury, founder and lead developer, has the kind of cowboy attitude you just have to love. He's running a project that he feels in technical superior and delivering it free of charge.

For a nice taste of Open Source attitude read the JBoss mission statement. It may get a bit technical at times, but you don't need to be a J2EE-wizz to have a smile on your face after reading it.

Like a J2EE friend of mine from London said, when I asked if his shop was checking out JBoss: "Yup don't know much about jboss to be honest, but I'm all in favour of not giving money to big companies". Yearh!

First they ignore you, Then they laugh at you, Then they fight you, And then you win. -- Ghandi (seeing the Open Source future)

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