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Monday, February 18, 2002 @ 18:33

Blindly trusting the cloud

They lure you in. "Place your data with us", they say, "we'll keep it safe and available for ever and ever and ever..." Until they don't.

Like this Saturday, when the study group drove 30 minutes north of Copenhagen to write all about development of income in the 90'ies. Just to discover that Yahoo Groups for some unknown reason had decided for some unknown period of time to offline all of our work. "Problems with the database server". You don't say?

So we made the 30 minutes ride back to Copenhagen, where a copy of the assignment was safe from the cloud on a hard drive. Yahoo Groups was back up. Grrrr... Wasted an hour. Didn't get to eat delious Chinese lunch. Felt like a fool.

Be wary of the clouds. Always store your data locally.

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