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Monday, January 7, 2002 @ 23:36 | Challenge?

I'm in love with an Apple

It wasn't a webtablet or a PDA, it was so much more. The new iMac has me excited unlike any computer ever had. It's so beautiful, so clean, so right. I watched the unveiling from MacWorld live off Apple's site. Then I sat through the entire 1.5 hour show one more time. Apple is amazing. Now where can I find some poor smock who still haven't seen the iMac and make him buy my two tangled desktop PC's? They seem so utter obsolete.

Oh, and OS X rocks. iTools, iMovies, iDVD, and iPhotos rocks. I have untill March to scratch enough dough together to get the iMac when it launches in Denmark. And make it I will.

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