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Friday, January 4, 2002 @ 16:33 | Challenge?

Reasonable people bend the rules

My love for lists and outliners lead me to NoteMap a little over a month ago. With an asking price of $100, I knew it was more than I'd feel comfortable paying - being a student and all. Never the less, I spend the entire 30 day grace period falling completely in love with NoteMap. Especially for taking notes in classes, I got that "no way I'm going back" feeling great software gives you.

I ran out of grace last Tuesday. For a couple of days, I postponed the problem of having 42 files locked in the NoteMap trunk. Since I jumped on the XP wagon, I have only rebooted my laptop less than a dozen times over the past two months. Doing hibernation and stand-byes keeps shareware from checking up on the grace period as they're never shutdown. All is good when you don't have to worry about crashes.

When you almost don't have to worry about crashes, that is. Three days ago WebDrive (shareware program that maps a FTP site to a drive letter) exposed XP's lack of improvement on network time-out recovery over previous versions of Windows. The 20-something days of no-shutdown glory has been brought to an end and the system to its knees. WebDrive was indeed the culprit, but it was the inability of the task manager to recover from the mess that forced the reboot.

Having to reboot meant having to close NoteMap. And since I was all out of grace, NoteMap wouldn't let me back in after Windows rebounded. 42 files in the trunk. A dire situation requiring swift action, in this case referring to playing the "young and poor" song to CaseSoft (makers of NoteMap) sales lady Christine Cox. I appealed to reason and compassion, and it worked!

I got off paying $25 -- a quarter of the sticker price. A very reasonable price for a great piece of software. Such a noble deed should not go unapplauded, hence this story. Do check out NoteMap, if you're running Windows (no Mac or Linux version). If you're a student, I bet they're even willing to extend the 75% discount they gave me to include you.

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