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Monday, October 29, 2001 @ 23:03 | Challenge?

List lovers and outliners

I love lists, especially when prioritized. They empower good thoughts to become great concepts. And in doing so, moves the brain out of the silo and into the command center, where action supersedes storage. The power of association is unleased, connections appear, and redundancy is eliminated.

Being a list lover, however, isn't made easy when your tool is a text editors or a word processor. They require too much manual fiddling to perform the basics, like moving items up and down lists, and hiding details to reveal the big picture. Some list lovers accept this fiddling tax, others experiment with spreadsheets, but these are just bumps on the road to list loving Mecca: The outliner.

Outliners are built to make the life of a list lover easy. They can move items up and down and in and out of a hierarchy, and abstract to a higher level of thinking by collapsing details with the push of a hot key. The fiddling is replaced with enjoyment, as your thoughts are organized faster than you can type them.

Enticed? Then I recommend NoteMap. It's one of the few outliners benifiting from active development (most of the famous outliners are from the 80'ies), has familiar Word-styled formatting, and a nice feel to it. If you want to try something more net-integrated there's UserLand's Radio. The former is unfortunatly quite expesive at $99 after the 30 days trial expire (it's aimed at lawyers), while the later is free. But do give them both a try.

I love lists, especially when outlined.

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