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Sunday, October 21, 2001 @ 18:04 | 2 challenges

Taking a detour from the play list, easily

My play list in WinAmp contains 1.953 songs from Nirvana to Sound of Seduction to Jewel. A diverse selection I usually let the random mode decide how to navigate -- with occasionally intervention of the next button when I differ on the chosen path.

This works fine, most of the time. Except when I want to take a short detour, like sticking around in the Red Hot Chili Peppers section for Otherside and Road Tripping, when Mr. Random picks Californication.

Taking such a detour requires tedious steps of manual interaction:

  1. Take WinAmp out of random mode
  2. Move Californication down five steps the play list to hover right above Otherside.
  3. Move Road Tripping up four steps to wait just below Otherside.
  4. Remember to revert to random mode before Parallel Universe hijacks the gentle mode I'm left in coming out of Road Tripping.
  5. Move all tracks back to their original positions, so I don't disturb the flow when wanting to hear the entire album. (I usually skip this step out of laziness).

This is just enough work to break my concentration on whatever I was really spending my time on.

Enter Detour Flags (TM?): Users could plant these on any number of songs in their play list, and when the playing song stops, WinAmp takes a detour from current play list and mode of playing to following the flags, before returning to the original course.

In my case, all I would have to do is give Otherside flag 1 and Road Tripping flag 2 when reaching Californication. WinAmp would follow the flags, giving me the best of Red Hot, before handing the direction back to Mr. Random.

My musical adventures would be enriched. Would yours?

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Challenge by jep @ 10/22/2001 01:30

yes pls!!

can it be done without an IPO?


Challenge by David @ 10/22/2001 11:47

Actually, I've been thinking about making a formal feature proposal for the WinAmp crew.

Flow: Create a complete specification on how I would like the feature to work, gather a bunch of signatures from people who would enjoy having such a feature, and hope it's something that could be done before WinAmp 4 comes out in 2005 :).

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