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Saturday, October 13, 2001 @ 15:09 | Challenge?

UPS package tracking omits delivery time

I've recently ordered a Sony laptop from a German shop, and UPS is now responsible for bringing it to my door. Like FedEx, UPS lets me track the package online, but won't tell me when it'll arrive. I spent 10 minutes refusing to believe that fact yesterday in a frantic search around the site.

How can they forget to answer the single most important question package recipients have? Knowing when I need to be home to get my package is pretty important. Everything else, like knowing my laptop spends the weekend in Hanover, is a distant second.

The failure of their tracking site prompted a call to their hotline service this morning That wasn't much of a success either. I got hold of a Swedish woman who thrice tried to get me to state the tracking number one digit at a time, before I acknowledged that it wasn't because I couldn't hear her, but because I couldn't understand her. We switched to speaking English for the rest of the conversation. Awkward.

All this to learn that I'll have my Vaio Monday between 9 and 17.

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