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Monday, September 24, 2001 @ 18:00 | 1 challenge

Doomed to a life at the mercy of noise

Forget increasing the power of new computers before that state of the art setup of mine can do without four turbines of noise that's currently demanded to deal with the heat. This is my wish of the week for the computer industry. I've grown weary of having to crank up the music to the level of "not allowed after ten o'clock" to avoid running hot in frustration over getting my concentration sucked in by the ventilators designed to keep a machine cool.

All sorts of companies specialize in fighting noice, of course, but mostly their products require endless tinkering (or maybe just l33t skillz?) to yield results. Just installing my current CPU cooler was an exercise in blood, sweat, and tears beyond comparing. It also resulted in one broken Athlon Thunderbird, two weeks of dreadful waiting for a replacement, and a sworn oath never to fool around with it again.

Imagine my willingness to relive such an ordeal four times to deal with a graphics card, motherboard, CPU, and power supply? That's right, non-existent. I'd pay someone to do it, if it didn't require me to ship the box around the world and doubling my investment on the beast.

Even doing that probably wouldn't end my woes, as the box is already complaining in the language of crashes when the apartment takes the temperature up a notch or two. Throwing less air at the problem might give me a quite computer, but also one that doesn't work for more than 15 minutes at a time. Not the solution I had in mind.

What we need is for AMD (especially), Intel, NVIDIA, Asus, and their ilk to care about heat issues as much as they care about performance. That wraps it up then, I'm doomed to a life in noise.

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Challenge by Donut @ 09/25/2001 02:25

A one time investment may be the solution to your prayers. Some companies manufacture a semi-soundproof cabinet to put your pc in, and they greatly reduce the level of noise. My dad has one in his office (or at least, had) to shut up the monster of sound that is his workstation.

I have sod all idea where to buy these things, but they do exist. Shop around and you might find something

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