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Friday, September 7, 2001 @ 21:34 | 1 challenge

Idle subconsciousness seeking nightly adventures

How come everyone but me are exploring solar system colapses and getting acquinted with paralyzing chest monsters? I haven't had a dream I could remember for months, and I can count the number of nightmares I've ever had on a single hand.

Eight hours are spend every night sleeping and I've got nothing to show for it. Is it too much to ask for to get a few adventures of the mind just once in a while?

Challenge the Loud Thinking
Challenge by Martin @ 09/23/2001 02:47

We dream every night. You just don't remember your dreams. I had the same thing you discribe, but now my dreams are returning to me.

Perhaps too much time is spent in front of the computer, and it affects our ability to remember our own dreams?

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