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Wednesday, August 22, 2001 @ 23:25 | 3 challenges

Declaring war on excessive use of English in everyday conversations

By almost exclusively digesting and formulating important thoughts with the English language, my native tongue (Danish) have been losing ground - especially in everyday conversations. This is no sudden development, or even a sudden realization of the fact. The state of affairs have been like this for years, but the situation have been deteriorated linearly with the increase in daily hours allocated to reading and writting (in English).

No more, I say. Danish is a rich - occasionally even beautiful - language that deserves better than the frequent replacemencing currently being administrated. I'm now consciously going to fight the urge to use English words and sentences in normal Danish conversation, when there's no explicit reason for doing so. A declaration of war has been officially filed with the my subconsciousness by the Ministry of Native Tongue Preservation (MONTOP).

MONTOP have been granted a veto right on any English word or sentence scheduled for leaving my mouth or fingers. If it's able to come up with an equivalent Danish substitution it will be used instead.

I encourage all my friends to redirect me to the permanent link of this declaration of war whenever they feel I'm sliding back into English when Danish would suffice.

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Challenge by Tommy @ 08/24/2001 12:46

As much as I admire your mission I can’t help it to believe that you will fail.
It’s true that English words are being used more and more frequently in the Danish language but that is in humble opinion inevitable. The world is becoming more and more international and is centred on the English language. English is the prevalent language in many countries throughout the world and will continue to grow in use also in third world countries. We are constantly be bombarded with English phrases, from the media, from the newspapers and hell newspapers should be the ones to preserve the Danish language but even they fail. So my friend I wish you the best luck with your mission, if you fail you shouldn't be too harsh with yourself, you’re on an a doomed mission.

Challenge by David @ 08/24/2001 09:15

This is not a crusade against the "legal" adoption of English words and phrases done by the Danish Counsel of Language (Dansk Sprognævn). I support that development fully, and would think it foolish if we tried inventing new Danish words for stuff like email and Internet (like the French).

I'm fighting the lazy substitution of perfectly applicable Danish words and phrases with English ones. Since I still use Danish for my inner dialogue, I think it's very important to keep the language pristine. If I don't, I risk jeopardizing my unrestricted(?) thinking.

Remember Newspeak?

Challenge by Martin @ 08/26/2001 12:37

Good luck on your journey. I will be looking out for those pristine moments when you try to renew yourself all the time. Try not to use 'em old phrases :)

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