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Monday, August 20, 2001 @ 23:50 | 3 challenges

The screening of study prospects has commenced

Two hundred fellow students and ten introduction days to sort them through in order to find a few, select potential study buddies. That became apparent to be the mission, as I chose to accept it, turning up for the first day of the first semester at the Copenhagen Business School this morning. A tough job for sure.

In a perfect world you would get to learn all the intricate details about all of them. In the real world I get ten days, before two hundred becomes fourty (as we're seperated in to study teams), to evaluate who I want to spend my time and energy on getting to know better.

This has already cast me into a rigorous screening process with little patience for the nonentities. Why so harsh? I value my time, and I honestly can't be bothered with wasting on it on people I don't find interesting. I think I have something to offer, so I expect a lot in return as well.

That attitude probably already dramaticly cut down on the number of people who're even interested in sharing a learning experience with me - and that's OK. It'll only make my task easier.

Roll on day two!

Challenge the Loud Thinking
Challenge by zardoz @ 08/21/2001 02:47

in business make sure to understand that people do not stay the same. often and unfortunately people don't change, but many do, as they learn and grow and mature in life. so in your judgement, which i think is nothing wrong, quality is a very important thing to focus on, make sure to now pidgeon hole people and write them off, if you do they may turn out down the road to be more interesting than you ever thought...

Challenge by David @ 08/21/2001 04:59

I totally subscribe to that line of thinking. Especially as I've often felt like a victim of early, and perhaps unfair, classification myself. That's not the same as saying it'll be easy, as first impressions are often hard to shake, but I'll definatly try.

Challenge by Martin @ 08/26/2001 12:49

Don't forget that you get back what you put out to the world.

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