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Wednesday, August 15, 2001 @ 00:27 | 2 challenges

So many years, so little change in the fundamentals

I've recently finished reading The Psychology of Computer Programming and The Mythical Man-Month. The first celebrating its 30th birth day this year, the second its 25th - meaning that they're both older than me! And yet most of the content feels like it could have been written yesterday. It's truely striking how a profession that has evolved so much in the past couple of decades still haven't changed much at the fundementals.

I strongly recommend reading both of them if you're involved with software development of any kind (but if you're only getting one of them, get the Man-Month). You'll surely be able to relate, and be given amble chance to reflect.

Challenge the Loud Thinking
Challenge by Fergus @ 08/18/2001 01:55

Just coz you are slow at thinking mate. Most of us realise these things pretty quick!

Challenge by David @ 08/20/2001 09:05

Sorry, old man, some of us haven't been around since the term computer science was invented :).

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