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Wednesday, August 8, 2001 @ 21:27 | Challenge?

Freeriding on discussions with no contributions sucks

I love discussions. I love to hear different points of view and to contribute my own. What I don't love is people freeriding on interesting discussions when they can't be bothered to give the subject matter enough runs on the internal track to come up with something to add. I'm talking about in the world of the flesh of course, freeriding online isn't harming anyone, but doing it offline is.

The problem occures for me from time to time when someone brings up a story they've read or hear about, without delivering it wrapped in thier own thoughts. Expecting others to do their thinking for them, so maybe they can store it for reuse with different people. Thought theft, I'm telling you. And I'm not paranoid, you know. It's happening. It really is happening. And it pisses me off. (Okay, maybe I am a little paranoid :)).

Say you're three guys siting in a room. One guy brings up a topic, but only by reciting the source. That's it. Then it's up to the other two guys to offer their slice of commentary, kicking the ball around, while the third guy just consumes the opinions. It feels strange and wrong.

I'm not fantasising about always getting clever and original thoughts thrown at me. Just give me something, dammit. Leeching thoughts is lame.

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