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Wednesday, August 8, 2001 @ 15:32 | Challenge?

Putting a specification beyond salvation out of its misery

My head hurts. I've been battling with a utter disaster of a requirement specification for a major client all morning. Everything molded together in a steaming pot of incomprehensibility. Wildly varying degrees of details all over, somewhere to the label and placement of a single button, elsewhere to single line feature descriptions. It's bad. Really bad.

It's beyond salvation, but the powers that be are not at all interested in reaching that conclusion. Too much time has been spend already, we need the signature, so work have degenerated into patching and padding insignificant details. Starting over (the only sensible option at this point) is out of the question.

And all along my current position confines me to spectator's box. It's like a rubber cell; you can kick and scream all you like, but it's futile. At the bottom of the hierarchy nobody can hear you scream.

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