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Wednesday, August 8, 2001 @ 15:12 | Challenge?

Giving the iBook some serious consideration

School start is approaching fast, which will require that I buy my first laptop ever. A lot of candidates have been evaluated over the past couple of weeks, including the Sony Vaio, Dell Laptitude, and - surprisingly (for me) - a Apple iBook. That's right, I'm actually considering buying Apple. Me who have been slamming fruitty people for ages. Go figure.

Why, you ask? The new iBooks offers a myriad of reasons: Reasonable price, lots of built-in networking, stunning looks, and of course the fact that OSX is maturing into something you can actually use. All that and of course the chance to try something else for a change. XP might be the second coming, but I'll be running that on both of the desktops at home, so why not give Apple a go. Put down the axe. Seeing beyond Microsoft.

Don't bet the house of me making the switch, though. I'm going to try to score one of the older clam-shaped iBooks from work and have OSX strut its stuff for me. No garanties that I'll find her sexy enough, but she'll sure get a real chance (for the first time ever).

Update: It's pretty hard not to get all excited about the iBook when reading reviews like the one from Macgamer.com. Must keep head straight. Think rational, not get seduced by that powder-snow white beuty.

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