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Sunday, August 5, 2001 @ 22:57 | Challenge?

Good knowledge is where you find it

The magic surrounding knowledge of all kinds is fading - in large parts thanks to the Internet. And a lot of formally trained people are having a hard time dealing with it. Going through a long academic education seems to almost per default impose people with the sense that what they learn is special. That it was more than just the process of gathering knowledge. Bull!

I'm not thrashing education - I just signed up for five years myself - but the believe that the knowledge you obtain through formal studies carries special weight is snobbish and narrow-minded. As soon as you give in to the thinking that the rigid system of full-time teachers, lectures, and cramming is magic, you've lost the ability to take advantage of good knowledge where ever you can find it.

It seems like abandoning the practice of evaluating knowledge on its merits is a required development in character for many students of higher education. Maybe it's because they need to prove to themselves that the five years spend on that mighty fine diploma was worth every second of it. That it earned them the right to disregard learning something new from people of percieved lesser status.

It's foolish, and I pity such people. If I could get one wish fulfilled for my student years, it wouldn't be to get the best grades or learn the highest number of interesting people. It would be not to lose sight of good knowledge where ever I can find it. Regardless of the age, educational level, or job title of the keeper.

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