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Thursday, August 2, 2001 @ 18:03 | Challenge?

The rush of simplicity

As a developer turning complexity into simplicity is a greater rush for me. It involves highly visible thinking and communication as you explain your transformation vision to others. It's applicable to all the diciplines: Writting requirements, designing a user interface or doing code. It feels good, it feels smart. Even when it's small details.

Fortunatly the last few days at work have involved a lot of this, as I've been examining specifications for new features and different uses for our existing stuff. It's been fun to see how bursts of clarity have dominating the procedings. Once you're on a roll, eliminating fat from requirements almost seems like childs play. The good, fun kind.

Besides being fun, it's also very rewarding in the sense that you're helping all the people involved in a given project. The customers get features that are easier to use and cost less. The developers get a cleaner picture of what and how to build them. Everybody wins.

What's simple is true -- sang Jewel on the Spirit.

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