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Sunday, July 29, 2001 @ 16:30 | Challenge?

Feelings of inspiration and envy going hand in hand (Moosetastic!)

Impressive people have a tendency to invoke feelings of inspiration and envy at the same time. This twosome of feelings usually comes by knocking on my brain whenever I read the products of clear and clever thinking. When I wish I had those great thoughts and were able to articulate them just as well.

Joel, Dave Winer, Evhead, and the guys from 37 Signals are some of the people who have made me feel like this from time to time, but lately a new-comer named the talking moose have been hitting my favorite mind string companions in a regular beat. His "Motivating Software Artists" just did it again.

My fears of growing old and stubborn almost disappear when I think of the opportunity to grow old and wise (how's that for a 21 year-old :)). By keeping this blog I hope I don't bore anyone to death in trying to reach the latter.

Oh, oh - almost forgot. That favorite moose of mine mentioned that he loved my URL today. What an honor. I'm going to try hard to also make him care for the content behind it.

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