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Friday, July 27, 2001 @ 15:52 | 2 challenges

Wanted: Movies that play with structure and time

Memento showed me how fascinating a film can be when it doesn't follow a linear trail. Something I've been craving more of ever since, so imagine what a pleasent surprise it was to get lucky at the local Blockbuster the other day (err, picking a up movie, not a girl :)) with a film that fed just that craving.

The Limey is the story of an ex-con from England going to the States to investigate/revenge the murder of his daughter. So, not even close to being as interesting as Memento in the plot department, but the way most of the scenes are contructed using past, present and future at once is just as fascinating an experience as seing a movie backwards. It makes the character development a very different, but welcome, experience, and I wonder why more directors haven't used this technique.

But some probably have, and I'm betting you can point me in the direction of the result. So, if you've discovered any films - new or old - that plays with structure and time like Memento and The Limey I'd be grateful to hear from you :).

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Challenge by Tommy @ 08/01/2001 02:55

Sometimes one can desire a very complicated and non linear structure in a movie but it most certainly requires a very good instructor that masters making a complicated movie without letting the audience loose interest. I definitely agree that the two above mentioned movies are of a superior quality and it was a pleasure to watch them.

Challenge by Steve Ericsson @ 07/27/2002 02:54


I also want to find more movies like this. But you should check out:
Following (C. Nolan)
Pulp Fiction (Im sure you have)
Resevoir Dogs
Run Lola Run
all with interesting structure....
Have you found some more? Please tell me.

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