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Monday, July 23, 2001 @ 14:18 | 2 challenges

Efficient browser usage with bookmarklets and right clicks

Skipping words I didn't understand was how I read online for a long time. The thinking went that getting the meaning of a sentence was good enough, as it was too cumbersome to look up something up and it would disrupt my reading if I did.

No more, thanks to an Greymatter-inspired addition to my right click menu in the browser. Besides having the usual choice of copying, deleting, undoing, etc. I now have a "Look up in dictionary" option, which on selection will open a new small window with an explanation of the selected word(s) from Merriam-Webster. It requires a minimum of fuss to initiate and I have my explanation in no time.

With this new right click-wonder looking up unfamiliar words is growing into second nature resulting in increased text understanding and vocabulary. I've created right click-wonders for looking stuff up in the Merriam-Webster dictionary and thesaurus and for searching Google. As a bonus I've also created a set for bookmarklets to go with them for looking up words you enter yourself.

Enrich your browser with these tools.

Challenge the Loud Thinking
Challenge by Malthe @ 07/24/2001 12:18

You fellas oughta try AtomicaIt installs a small client on your machine, which you can configure to accept various 'button+click'-combinations. Click on a word _anywhere_ in your OS (that word can't be in graphics, duh) and it launches and searches for information about the word/term you (left-) clicked on, in numerous databases - amongst those a dictinoray/vocabulary, which one, I forget.
If it find nothing in defaults to searching Google for any mentionings of the word/term. In two words: Pretty nifty.

Challenge by MortenJ @ 07/24/2001 12:20

You probably already know this one, but I thought it was too obvious not to mention:


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