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Thursday, July 19, 2001 @ 21:00 | 2 challenges

Balancing the quality vs. the amount of hours in a day

I wish I didn't need to get 8-9 hours of sleep every night, but sadly I do. That is if I wish to get any enjoyment out of the hours in the following day. I've come to terms with that because I value the quality of hours while I'm awake. What good does two hours extra a day if it signaficantly lowers the quality of the rest of the hours?

I'm paying for not following this simple truth right now. Only getting some 6 hours of sleep last night (that's all it takes) have left me yawrning already . I feel like doing nothing. I feel like subjecting myself to bad television. Luckily I've been putting up a good fight against that last sin, but how long will it last?

Lesson relearned: Treasure the waken hours. Don't dilute their quality by adding more. It's going to cost you.

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Challenge by Nicolai @ 07/20/2001 09:39

Ooh boy.. I bet you've tried sleeping too much, and then had a hard time to get really fresh the next day, at least i have.. I bet you've also tried do some hard work one day(what a bet :) ), and been really tired and slept a lot better than usually?

One thing i've learned, is that the more energy you use during the day, the less sleep you require. It sounds a bit strange, but ex. when i've been to work one day, worked out at night, and perhaps walked around in the city, i get tired, the physical way. This is a really nice kind of tiredness, compared to the one where you sit infront of your computer all day, reading, studying etc, and just sits there. Sure, you get tired, but it's your mind, and not your body.

I can get by with 6-7 hours every night, and still get a lot of quality time during the day, so if you don't allready, try to get physical tired, instead of pounding your mind all day long.

Challenge by Martin @ 07/20/2001 02:26

We tend to look at the mind and body as two seperate things, when in fact they're one and the same. How many times have you not thought of being tired and your body automatically feels very heavy and numb.

Eliminate the thought of feeling tired and discover how much energy you can feed yourself. Try this simple exercise and see how it works for you. Yeah right you probably say to yourself, but really, remove ALL thought of feeling tired and replace it with a thought of uplifting energy. You'd be surprised at how the mind can play tricks on you.

But the body also needs fuel. Remember to drink plenty of water.

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