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Wednesday, July 18, 2001 @ 11:08 | 2 challenges

Going into self-preservation mode

Working three years with desktop job using the computer all day and then continuing to do so at home all night gives you some rather unhealthy habits. One of them is drinking vaste amounts of sodapop, especially that sweeet, sweeeet Coca Cola variant (aaarhhhh - takes a moment to drool). Drinking 2+ liters of that stuff is definatly not doing wonders for your body, but who cares, right? Well, apparently my body just started.

First of all "it" lifted the ban on regular tap water. I used to find that stuff dreadful to drink more than a single cup or so of a day (and rarely did even that), but not any more. The last couple of days have seen a steady increase in the amount I drink per day. Just take today, it's not even noon and I've already taken care of a whole liter. Amazing.

Add to that the reapperance of breakfast (müsli, even!), a good nightly set of sit-ups and push-ups, using the rollerblades to get to work reguarly, and I'm shaping up to be a lot healthier person than I used to.

No reason to get overly optimistic though. Let's see how long it'll last.

Challenge the Loud Thinking
Challenge by Martin @ 07/19/2001 03:19

Water. The essence of life. Life in a cup.

Cheers :)

Challenge by Martin @ 07/19/2001 03:24

Another good reason for filling your cup with pure water.


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