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Monday, July 16, 2001 @ 11:45 | Challenge?

Why drinking Pepsi Max makes me feel dirty

For reasons that'll probably make it into another posting on this site some day, the company I currently work for decided to cut the sodapop service a few weeks ago and the grim reality of this decision is now kicking in. Our beverage stock is almost depleted. We're down to Pepsi Max and Coke Light. And since I just can't get that Coke Light stuff down, no way, that leaves me with Pepsi Max. Drinking that stuff probably wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for this strange force demanding I hate the brand, and making me feel dirty when I proced to consume it anyway.

What is this strange force you ask? My brand loyalty. The brain-washing machine they call Coca Cola have done an excellent job on yours truely. All those attractive commercials of people experiencing adventure and slogans about "life tastes god" have converted me into a brand zealot for a company with alledged connections to the CIA, obstruction of justice and bribery (according to the Coca-Karma report from Guerrilla News). I should be smarter than this.

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