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June 01, 14:41

First Rails book sells 1K+ in opening week

Holy smoly! The Agile Web Development with Rails book as sold more than 1,000 copies in just the first week available. And it's not even finished! Thank all of you who bought the book (and even more if you picked up the combo-pack). It's great to see that releasing the unpolished version now, with the promise of a clean version later, was accepted so broadly.

It's also a great sign of encouragement for the ecosystem of paid content around Rails. Books are certainly the primary outlet for that, but I hope we'll soon see other sources emerge, too. I've been pimping various ideas left and right on that.

So once again, thanks everybody. Rails is in stronger shape than ever and the race towards 1.0 is surely in.

Challenge by John Wilger on June 01, 14:51

Awesome! I bought it. Now I just need to find the time to actually _read_ it. ;-)


Challenge by Mischa on June 01, 14:52

> Thank all of you who bought the book (and even more if you
> picked up the combo-pack).

It's my pleasure ;-)

Challenge by Kyle Heon on June 01, 15:50

You are welcome! Haven't been able to get that far through it (about 40 pages in now) but it's been a great read to this point.

Challenge by Jin Lee on June 01, 16:28

This book and my new powerbook are the 2 best purchases I've ever made this year. In 4 days I have not been able to put the beta book down, often reading it on breaks at work.

I'm on the last chapter now =)

Thanks to all the people who made this happen. Beta books are a great idea!

Challenge by Paul Boudreau on June 02, 9:58

I just bought this book after 5 days of trying (credit card companies can be so protective of their members sometimes). I can't believe that I FINALLY have it! I haven't been this excited about anything in a LONG LONG time. Christmas in June.

I've only stopped reading it long enough to send you this message:

"Thank you David and Dave for creating this wonderful work AND for this beta book program!"

Challenge by Justin Grant on June 02, 10:05

Thanks !

Challenge by Tomas Jogin on June 02, 12:42

Just out of curiousity, how many people bought the combo pack?

Challenge by Konstantinos on June 03, 12:44

/seconding Tomas' question

(also, Tomas -- we badly need your blog back.)

Challenge by Mark Hudson on June 03, 15:26

Combo pack ... I did!

Challenge by yen on June 07, 5:44

this is a great book,

the intro was perfect, the example application was of good quality, and it was only a tutorial app! really showcases the power of rails, much credit to the author, who knows when to be conversational or technical when appropriate,

book is so worth it to anyone who is considering buying it,

the time saved from not having to wade through wikis and faqs, will more than pay for this book,

Challenge by marcus on June 09, 18:27

bought the programming ruby and agile webdev with rails combo packs for the office yesterday, and from a quick glance through the rails book this seems to be just what i need - a breakdown of advanced web development features i haven't found in the existing online tutorials. it also solidifies the notion i've had of rails being among many other things, a cohesive implementation of the Class::DBI, CGI::Builder, and Data::FormValidator perl modules i find myself throwing together on every application i work on anyway. i hadn't even realized rails integrates ajax, that chapter is a nice surprise! hopefully i'll have ruby included in the list of languages supporting the work at the us' national human genome research institute soon, thanks a lot.

Challenge by Nick Johnson on June 09, 20:59

fotos boa do Brasil, cara! A onde vc tirou?

Challenge by Matt on June 10, 12:56

Is there a way to buy the combo in europe / germany?
And not pay the 17 bucks shipping?

Challenge by Brian on June 15, 23:45

Excellent book. I have been meaning to build some rails apps, since PHP/Pear is starting to get old. Its as though I spend 80% of my time working putting together a framework for each app... now its 'ruby script/generate controller ...' and I am off to actually building something useful.

Thanks for this great framework and creating a community that truly promotes Rails!

Challenge by Alessandro on June 20, 23:40

Just through the 500 pages of the book this weekend. I'm from Porto Alegre, so nice to see the pics on your blog!
Here are some things I missed on your book
- how to deal with composite primary keys on legacy databases
- how to make international web sites (a must nowadays)
- how to customize pagination
- best IDEs available for Rails on Ruby Development (haven't found any good ones so far)