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May 18, 14:05

All signed up and ready for OSCON

It's months away still, but preparations are called such because they are made in advance, so that's exactly what I did today. Completed the speaker registrations, book the flight (17 hour trip total, uagh!). I'll be flying into Portland on the eve of the 29th of July. That means a weekend to hack and have fun in Portland before the show starts the following Monday.

And what a show. I'll be doing a keynote, a session talk, and a tutorial to be sure to fill the days. You should really come. It's going to be a fantastic show for Ruby. We'll have Matz, Dave Thomas, _why, and most of the Rails core group too.

With enough perseverance, the book will be hot off the press too. I'm excited.

Challenge by Adam Michela on May 18, 16:04

17 hours? Ouch.

I'd love to make it, but I don't know that I can even swing the 8~ hours. I'm going to think about this one though, sounds like it will be worth it. I've always wanted to meet _why. Hah.

When's the next good East Coast gig. Feels like it's been awhile?

Challenge by Raymond Brigleb on May 18, 16:54

Very exciting to see you visit Portland! I wouldn't miss OSCON this year for the world!!

Challenge by Bill Katz on May 18, 22:16

See you there David! A cousin who lives in Seattle wants to take me to Hood River just after OSCON. If you get a chance, you might want to check it out:

He says it's one of the most beautiful spots in the world, particularly if you are into windsurfing. One hour east of Portland.