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May 08, 20:40

Rails meetup at Ireland's 32 tonight

San Francisco, baby. A small gang of Railers are getting together at the Ireland's 32 tonight at 8pm. We're going to talk lots of Ruby, Rails, and more. It's open. Write a note in the comments if you're coming.

Challenge by Jason Wong on May 08, 20:41

I'll be there!

Challenge by Ben Nolan on May 08, 21:58

I'll be there in a few months. :/

Challenge by misuba on May 08, 23:27

Can't make this on short notice, sadly :-(

Challenge by Isaac on May 08, 23:32

I'm in. =) That's my old hood. Ireland's 32 is a bit noisy on Sun nights though (live music).

Challenge by John Wilger on May 09, 1:49

Wish I could be there. Don't think I could make it from Cincinnati on short notice, though. :-(

Challenge by Adam Michela on May 09, 2:16

David knows, but I'll be there. Thanks for finding us a place Wong...

Challenge by Lars Pind on May 09, 2:43

I'll stop by as well.

Challenge by andrew reynhout on May 09, 4:50

I didn't think I'd be able to make it, but in fact I can. I'll see (some of) you there.

Challenge by Stephen on May 09, 15:21

Coincidently, a few of us are meeting up at Ireland's 6 tomorrow night...,3.437350&hl=en


Challenge by Kevin Watt on May 09, 21:53

The posted date shows May 8th @ 8:30 pm, so I have to assume 'today' is May 9th? Otherwise, there's a cruel joke there somewhere ;) I'll try and make it!

Challenge by Jason Wong on May 10, 0:26

nope, that was yesterday :-)

Challenge by Alex on May 10, 23:54

Any rails meetups in the Los Angeles area?

Challenge by Dan Moniz on May 13, 1:10

Sounds good. I may make it if I can get out of work at a sane hour. Lots of projects going on right now, but 8 PM sounds like a decent hour. I'll be in the green pants and black shirt.

Challenge by Dan Moniz on May 13, 1:19

Hah. So it's only after I post that I realize, thanks to a friend, that this already happened. Alas.

Challenge by Matt Moriarity on May 14, 23:40

somebody want to delete the penis enlargement comment? now that's spam!

Challenge by Roberto on May 16, 16:48

Hey David, welcome to my country ill try to be there.
Well i nice thing to eat is FEJUADA its something with black beans its amaizing, and you can try get some CAF COLONIAL, porta alegre its a nice and lovelly place to be. its alot diferent from So Paulo or Rio, im from Sao Paulo.

See you there.

Roberto Martins

Challenge by Giovanni Degani on May 17, 16:02

Hi! Im from Porto Alegre and i will be at the you presentation!
Any questions you can e-mail directly to
And i can give you some tip's!