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May 04, 15:28

San Francisco Rails-up next week?

I'm going to be in San Francisco from Saturday through Wednesday. It would be fun to meet up for a drink with the natives already doing or interested in Rails. Anyone interested in putting something together? I'm staying at the Savoy Hotel on 580 Geary Street, so something in the vicinity of that area would be great.

Challenge by kellan on May 04, 16:39

Poor timing on my part, clearly I should have come out to SF for a week of Odeo/Rails hacking next week, as it is we'll probably pass each other in the air. Have a great time.

Challenge by Corey on May 04, 17:56

How perfect; I am flying out of San Francisco this Saturday and returning Thursday. Ugh... the Gods must hate me.

Challenge by Adam Michela on May 04, 20:24

David, I'll be in San Francisco Sat-Wed for the same reason as you. I'll be up the street at the Adagio, I'll shoot you an e-mail with my number, give me a shout when you get in. A few others at the thing want to get together before the get together as well.

Challenge by Mahlen Morris on May 04, 21:25

David, if you're thinking of a cafe-type event, I'll throw out the suggestion of the cafe at 608 Geary St. (I think the sign says Cup-A-Joe, but the name of the cafe is actually something else). I've never been there, so I can't speak to the quality of the coffee. I just called, they're only open until 9PM, but they do have free wireless!

I don't know what the event is, so I'll let you throw out a time and day. I live and work in SF, so it's all good to me!


Challenge by Rael Dornfest on May 04, 23:11

See you there, David!

Challenge by Alex Payne on May 04, 23:55

Nuts, I'm moving to SF later this month! Figures :-/

Challenge by Bowen on May 05, 1:00

I'm interested in meeting some railers -- but only available Monday thru Thursday (not Saturday or Sunday). Drop me a line and let me know where you'll be getting together. thx

Challenge by Chad on May 05, 19:07

I'd be interested in meeting up. Please let us know when and where.

Challenge by John on May 05, 20:53

I'd also be interested in meeting near or at Savoy Hotel - Lobby? Pay for a meeting room by donations?
Im interested in:
-any sneak previews on your book
-How Rails was programmed - a lightning code review
-I am interested in speech recognition: how modify rails for...
-further scaffold template possibilities for Rails

Challenge by Adam Michela on May 05, 20:58

John: How about just a pint of beer?

Challenge by Jason Nelson on May 05, 21:21

Someone set this up; and I'll be there.

Challenge by Scott Chacon on May 05, 23:59

I would also like to say 'hi'. Please let me know where and when.

Challenge by Harrison on May 06, 0:59

I've just started with Ruby on Rails -- just did the tutorial at onlamp, but, hey, I might be interested in a get together.

Challenge by on May 06, 16:50

Pint of Beer? Yes Heh Heh Now I remember - life!

Challenge by Tim on May 07, 6:05

I'd show up for something tomorrow. What's the word? Don't make me loiter outside the Savoy Hotel looking for obvious rails developers. I will if I have to.