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April 26, 15:21

For sale: Powerbook 17'', iPod Mini

So I've upgraded to the latest and greatest during my trip to Chicago, which means that I now have the following items for sale:

  • Powerbook 17": 1.5 Ghz / 1GB RAM / 80GB HD / US keyboard / 6 months warranty left.
    Asking: 16.000 DKR.
  • iPod Mini: 4GB / Silver / 6 months warranty left.
    Asking: 1.000 DKR. SOLD!

Both are in good condition and great machines. Write me at (Danes / Malmø residents only).

Challenge by Ben on April 26, 20:00

What could you possibly upgrade TO from a 1.5 Ghz 17" powerbook? Is an extra 0.17 Ghz really worth it?

Challenge by Steven on April 26, 21:05

that's my question?

Challenge by Thomas on April 26, 22:25

A PC? :-)

Challenge by speedy on April 26, 23:08

a better gfx card...

Challenge by Nash on April 26, 23:56

The PowerBook G5 is out. Haven't you guys heard?

Oh, how I wish this were true.

Challenge by David Heinemeier Hansson on April 27, 0:23

The new Powerbook can drive a 30" screen :). Guess what's for sale next.

Challenge by Peter Cooper on April 27, 0:27

Your car/apartment/first-born? So you can then buy the 30" screen *g* ;-)

Challenge by Fafner on April 27, 9:03

You could get a really nice PC for 16,000 DKR. Actually you would have money to left after the purchase. Quite a lot.

Challenge by Martin on April 27, 12:38

I hear downgrading is the next big thing!! Anyone want to swap an iBook G3? ;p

Challenge by Elizabeth on April 27, 15:29

What did the import duty send you back on the new PowerBook?