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April 15, 11:28

Reboot 7: Meetup for the practical visionaries

Reboot has been an institution in the Danish internet scene since I had my first job in the business. And just like my own career during that time, Reboot has bounced back and forth between different roles. From the "internet businesses' day off" at the peak of the dotcom bubble to the focused "meetup for the practical visionaries" that its billed as today.

The 7th incarnation is happening on June 10th and 11th. And it looks like it'll be a smashing show. 37signals will be featuring both myself and Jason Fried on the speakers list alongside Douglas Bowman, Jason Calacanis, Cory Doctorow, Robert Scoble, Doc Searls, Jimbo Wales, David Weinberger, and many more.

And it'll be a great weekend to be in Copenhagen. The Umbraco guys are doing a get-together, we'll have a Rails gee-ohh-good-time too. And its looking like Building of Basecamp will make its premiere out side of the States on the day before Reboot (June 9th).

So. You should come. Really. Copenhagen is beautiful in the Summer. Reboot is a guaranteed good time with lots of learning, challenges, and a hotspot of interesting people.

It's even pretty darn cheap. Just 175 euros. To schmooze among "heroes" and "mavericks". Bargain deal.

Challenge by Matt on April 15, 11:32

Schmooze? Unless you meant kiss-ass, which happens at these things.

Challenge by David Heinemeier Hansson on April 15, 12:16

Freudian slip or something. I was envisioning groupies, backstage passes, and... Never mind.

Challenge by Olle Jonsson on April 23, 15:13

Oh, man. This looks so very exciting. And, in my town.

I am starting a consulting business, and I wonder if the entrance fee for Reboot is tax-deductible. (I can go if it is.)

Any other Railser in Copenhagen going?