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April 12, 23:36

Delivering a keynote on Rails at OSCON!

I've been invited to deliver a keynote on Rails for O'Reilly's Open Source Convention in August. Fifteen minutes in front of some two thousand people. I've naturally accepted, but that's a pretty scary prospect considering my largest audience to date was the 60-80 people at RubyConf.

I'll be talking about "The Secrets Behind the Success of Ruby on Rails". Or at least that's the working title for the talk. I got past gate keeper Nathan Torkington talking about Less Software, Convention over Configuration, and stories along that tune, so those will be likely ingredients.

But man, I'm excited. It's a chance to knock off another of my 43 Things. With "See my name on the cover of a book" coming through with the Agile Web Development with Rails that I'm co-authoring with Dave Thomas, "Deliver a keynote on Rails to 500+ people" will be a very symbiotic next step.

Of course, I'm still also doing both a session and a tutorial on Rails at OSCON as well.

Challenge by Curt Hibbs on April 13, 2:15

Congratulations! This is a very strong testament to the rapid rise of Rails!

Challenge by rabble on April 13, 3:34

Congratulations! It's amazing how quickly rails has gone from the the cool little web app framework to one of the big boys.

Challenge by Sascha Ebach on April 13, 3:40

Boy, I call this a really nice take off. Congratulations. This will probably be hugely beneficial to Rails. Hopefully, we will be able to see you on video. I wish you the best of luck.

Challenge by Jonathan Nolen on April 13, 7:26

Well done, David. Having heard you speak before, I know that it's going to be a great keynote. Your passion really comes through.

Challenge by Ryan Platte on April 13, 13:30

Wow! Kudos! All your hard work is paying off.

Challenge by Matt Raible on April 13, 20:04

Very cool - hope to meet you at the event.

Challenge by Ryan on April 14, 4:17

The secret behind Rails success? Hyping that you can program a web application very very quickly.

Is that the truth? Who knows...

Challenge by Gavin on April 14, 6:41

Not a very intelligent comment, Ryan. Do you think all the buzz about Rails comes from mere manufactured hype? I'd say the truth is that the hype results from the fun people have with it, because they *can* program a webapp very quickly without sacrificing elgance or readability. The hype is organic, not manufactured.

So I'd reword it: "The secret behind Rails's success? Demonstrating that you can program a web application very quickly."

Challenge by Hartvig on April 14, 12:39

Only a matter of time before you got the change. 'grats - it's absolutely well deserved!