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March 21, 14:07

New book coming: Pragmatic Rails Recipes

I'm incredibly proud to announce the third Rails book in the making. The title is "Pragmatic Rails Recipes: A Guide to Elegant Web Development" and the authors should be very familiar to the Rails community: Marcel Molina (noradio) and Scott Barron (htonl). They've been around since the first release and are both integral parts of the Rails community through their programs, writing, and help on IRC.

The publisher is Dave Thomas' progressive Pragmatic Bookshelf. The same umbrella that'll carry the first Rails book to be published, Agile Web Development with Rails. This will of course ensure that the two books will become very complimentary and that they'll both be available in my favorite reference book format: PDF.

It's still very early in the process, the signatures on the contract is hardly dry, so the release target is tentative at best. Never the less, Scott and Marcel are aiming at October of this year. That'll give the three books current announced a nice spread. Dave's book around July, this one around October, and the German book around December/January.

That's of course not to say that we can't fit more books into the calendar. Quite the contrary. And from the handful of offers I've been getting from various authors and publishers, I'd be quite surprised if we didn't see at least a couple of more Rails book announced this year.

Exciting times indeed.

Scott also talks about the book today.

Challenge by Pat Eyler on March 21, 21:46

Add a fourth:

"Bruce Tate and David Geary (author of Core Java Server Faces, Core JSTL, and more) have signed with O'Reilly to write a "Rails Developer Notebook" (obviously one of O'Reilly's new Developer Notebooks series)."

from the mailing list.

Challenge by ma2 on March 23, 5:16

One of Pragmatic Programmers books just has been published in Japan. It's great book, but many engineers think the translation quality is not so good. This is unhappy situation and I do not hope to repeat same problem. You should ask Japanese Ruby community or Matz directly about translation quality (maybe they know the best translator).