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January 13, 0:59

I ordered a Mac Mini

I needed a good excuse (or any excuse, really) to get a Mac Mini and in the long lasting desire of a PVR to record TV onto a harddrive, I found it. I'm going to "build" (plugin firewire cables and chuckle at the missing step three) my own PVR using the Mac Mini and the EyeTV 200.

I'm ever so envious whenever I drop by Jason's place and play with his Tivo, so since Tivo won't come to us Danes, we'll build something even better ourselves. That's right!

I already have the external firewire drive to beef up the storage and since I'm getting it with the airport extreme card it'll fit right into the stereo rack under the TV. Oh, got the bluetooth builtin as well, so it can be controlled with Salling Clicker from that wonderful phone of mine.

Can't wait to stop complaining about how we got 40 channels with nothing on.

Challenge by Martin von Haller Groenbaek on January 13, 1:27

I'm looking to learn from your experience when you get the Mac mini and EYE TV 200 up and running. I had the exact same urge to get my own "TIVO" system when I first read about the Mac mini,

Challenge by Will on January 13, 6:52

You can try this too:

I also slacked off and missed the Seattle Building of a Basecamp ;)

Challenge by Ryan on January 13, 8:04

The EyeTV 200 will connect to a cable/satellite box, but requires manual channel switching. How is this any good for a PVR box?

Challenge by Lars Pind on January 13, 12:09

This is a frickin' good idea. Can't wait to hear how it goes, I've been wanting a TiVo myself now for a long time.

Do you know if this tvtv thing will get us the programming air times in Denmark, or will we have to write the software for that ourselves?

Challenge by Lee on January 13, 16:46

I believe MythTV can work on a Mac. Give it a look.

Challenge by A. Malik on January 13, 22:25

Now I'm afraid you are going to write a rail-based control-from-anywhere-pvr-system running on the mini 8-)

I'm eyeing this one here in the T.O. and looks like with the dooh dahs it will set me back 1700 bucks.. maybe I'll just get the powerbook ..

Challenge by Lars Pind on January 14, 13:36

What about the EyeHome? I get confused, looking at the Elgato site. I miss the Apple-style diagram clearly showing the gadget, my TV, my living room and slipper, and the cables connecting it all, so I can understand clearly what it's doing.

My fear is that I would need an EyeHome to watch the content recored with the EyeTV, on my TV ... particularly this sentence (from the Apple store): "EyeTV: EyeHome is designed to work together with EyeTV to allow Mac users to watch all of their recorded EyeTV content on the TV."

Does anybody know?

Challenge by pollas on January 19, 13:47

Guess anyone around here are already aware, but just in case someone's not:

Challenge by Tim on January 20, 1:16

You can run eyehome by itself but you only get to use the itunes, iphoto, bookmarks, and movies in the movies folder functions, if you want to use eyehome to watch, record, fastforward tv then you need eyetv as well.

Challenge by Didier on January 22, 11:29

I've also ordered a Mac mini + EyeTV 200 + Apple 23" display + ATI Remote Wonder.
Already have Airport Express and Harman Kardon Soundsticks II.
Just can't wait to receive this stuff...

Challenge by ilar on March 22, 9:25

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