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December 10, 11:10

Facets of Ruby: Introduction to Rails

We've been hinting at it for some time, but today Dave Thomas finally committed in public, came clean, and confessed our intentions:

Just to get the ball rolling, I'm just starting to write the second book in the series (if you count PickAxe II as the first) — I'm working on an introduction to Rails.

I can't say how happy I am to be involved with a project that contains the words "book", "Dave Thomas", and "Ruby on Rails". Dave has been one of my favorite authors for the longest time, so it's really an exquisite honor to have him on board in such a significant way. Thanks, Dave!

But it gets better. Not only is there (at least one) Rails book coming out, the Pragmatic Bookshelf is launching a whole series called "Facets of Ruby" as "...a set of small, focussed, and technical books about different aspects of Ruby". Dave offers a few sample titles as to what kind of books could make it in with "Creating E-Commerce Sites using Rails" and "Migrating from Java to Ruby".

Ruby is headed for intensely interesting times in 2005. Rails will be hitting the big 1.0 early in the coming year, RubyGems will make it into the standard library, and a whole series of books will be coming out. I couldn't imagine any development ecosystem I'd rather be a part of.

And it's just the right time for you to get on board as well. The Ruby community is a delightfully friendly bunch that loves to share their enthusiasm for this beautiful and seductive language. You'll make a most welcome addition, I'm sure.

Challenge by Dominic Damian on December 10, 13:26


I emailed you a while back about starting with Rails, I have since switched over from PHP to almost exclusivly been using Rails and I can't thank you enough for all the advice through your blogs and articles on the language. I feel fortunate not only that I discovered such an amazing language, but that there is so much from this language that has yet to come.

Your passion for this has rejuviated my passion for programming. Thanks.

Challenge by Mark Hudson on December 10, 23:21


Me too. I have dabbled in Ruby for years but continued using PHP for web development. No more. Rails has changed that for good.

Thank you David and the rest of the Rails contributors!


Challenge by Benjamin Ryzman on December 11, 10:07

Same story here.

Thanks a lot for RubyOnRails. I have been programming for more than 20 years in all kind of languages and you have reinstituted the fun in a large part of my life.

I'm waiting eagerly to this whole new serie of the Programmatic Bookshelf.

Challenge by Website on January 17, 19:59

Ruby on Rails is the craziest framework i've seen in years. I am in the process of learning Ruby right now. It's rather easy, but somewhat strange for a perl programmer :)

Challenge by Hugh Barnard on January 29, 8:06

I've probably been programming on and off for 30 years, starting with COBOL and Filetab (which still exists, strange but true). I'm very impressed by Ruby and Rails. I usually use Perl for starting-from-zero projects but will now consider Ruby/Rails each time. Thanks to everyone in this community...

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