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November 30, 0:24

Still all psyched over the Nokia 6630

Last night, I rode as a passenger of a car from one part of Copenhagen to another — online with the Powerbook through the 3G connection on the phone. Speed was excellent, the connection was almost instantaneous, and there wasn't a single drop for the entire ride. I arrived pretty darn impressed and more the believer in 3G (at least for city slickers) than ever.

Tonight, I returned from dinner in honor of Christina Wodtke arranged by Lars Pind (lots of interesting talks and ideas around that table!). Anyway, waiting for the bus and going home I...

  • finished reading the October archives of elegant hack
  • checked my email reading up on issues surrounding the launch of SSL for Basecamp
  • listened to a new playlist I had prepared just before I left (until I get my 1GB card, one playlist is all it'll hold)
  • sms'ed the girlfriend that I was on my way home
  • played the best version of Tetris ever made (the Gameboy Color edition, of course!)

This is indeed the first phone that I truly feel realizes the smart phone potential. I'm pretty darn psyched, so let me repeat the conclusion from the review: Best. Phone. Ever.

Challenge by Rasmus on November 30, 10:02

Have you ditched your iPod?

Challenge by David Heinemeier Hansson on November 30, 11:25

Nah, it was more of an experiment. There will indeed be cases, though, where I won't have my iPod with me and the phone will be quite the adequate backup.

Neither the player nor the synching is up to par with the iPod. Just one or two generations from now, it'll probably be so "good enough" that I won't care and Apple will face serious competition from the phones.

Heck, by the time a 2GB RS-MMC hits the street someone will probably have cloned the iPod interface in a S60 app that's close enough to the real thing that I won't care.

Challenge by drew robinson on December 21, 9:00

... or Apple will have made a phone which may have a better UI than Nokia can produce, although that would be a close thing to call.

Unfortunately, it looks like Apple will be partnering with Motorola in the phone-building arena instead of a decent manufacturer ( :-)

I am the proud owner of a 7610, which has some of the good features of the 6630, but the main one missing is stereo support !! arrgh! So, even though I have a memory card and an MP3-capable player, I would only get mono sound. Still, I couldn't wait for the 6630 in Australia (2-3 more months), so this one will do.

Challenge by Jamie on May 07, 19:38

Just out of interest - is the 6630 truly compatible with a powerbook or do youneed a third party bit of software to get calendars etc to synch

Challenge by jim on June 01, 14:11

Hi David, I'm no techno but how are you sync-ing your 6630 with Powerbook. Nokia don't supply software for Apple and so I'm stuck with a 6630 and an ibook which aren't talking. Any tips much appreciated, thanks.

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