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November 12, 16:20

Get started, get testing on the Rails

Vince has a tutorial for getting started with Rails by writing a todo list application. It's a very nice step-by-step approach with screenshots and plenty of hand-holding. So if you're just starting out with or considering to give Rails a shot, it's an excellent companion to the video, reference documentation, and howtos.

Once you've gotten a hold on the basics in Rails, you'll want to move on to testing pretty quickly. Testing runs deep with the Rails from the automated testing files generated by both new_model and new_controller generators to the wide range of assertions available.

Steve Kellock explains all about it in Testing with Ruby on Rails. From unit to functional testing, from why to how. It's all there in his 30-paged PDF on the subject. Oh, and it includes a very nice reference documentation on all the assertions as well with all options explained. Awesome work.

Challenge by marcus on November 12, 17:00


the link "" shows an error of connection refused. Just thought you you should know.


Challenge by David Heinemeier Hansson on November 12, 17:02

I think that must have been a short downtime. It seems to be back up now.

Challenge by Vincent Foley on November 12, 19:51

My server hasn't gone down in a few weeks now, do you have a firewall that blocks connections on port 81?

Challenge by Brian on November 12, 20:46

Thanks for the excellent tutorial. I am currently reading through the Ruby Book at then I was going to go into the rails docs... I don't know if I can wait! I might just jump in and develop something right away.
Thanks Vincent for such a great tutorial, and thanks David for the work you have done on rails. (ohh and basecamp too!)

Challenge by Vincent Foley on November 12, 20:55

Speaking of my website, would anyone be interested in mirroring my tutorial?

Challenge by Peter Monsson on November 12, 21:17

Sure Vincent,

contact me on

Challenge by Peter Monsson on November 13, 1:55

Mirror up on

Challenge by Fred B. on November 13, 4:21

Thanks for this tutorial. Exactly what I needed!

Challenge by Thijs van der Vossen on November 13, 8:31

Couldn't we get Steve Kellock to write some more documentation? I really like his style of writing. ;-)