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November 07, 19:05

The power of a friendly community

One thing that surprised me coming to Ruby was how extremely friendly everyone was. On ruby-talk, pretty much everyone doing interesting things in Ruby are hanging out ready to pick up questions and debates when they fall within their territory.

This made the transition from the scattered and fragmented communities of PHP so much easier. One place to look for all the experts and they even bothered to answer my silly questions.

I was equally surprised by the presence of Matz. On several occasions, I'd write a simple question only to see it answered by the creator of the language itself. That's a pretty powerful motivating factor when the creator is still that involved and caring for his creation.

The best part of the friendly welcome is that it's contagious (Daughters will love like you do). I wanted to attempt the same effect with Rails, so since almost the beginning we've had #rubyonrails for the novice and veteran alike. And I try my best to spread the contagious message of friendliness and helpfulness. I doubt think the channel has ever heard the dread of RTFM!

Apparently, it's working too! but she's a girl.. talks about her experience with #rubyonrails:

The people who hang out in the #rubyonrails channel are also fantastically helpful and enthusiastic, and perhaps one of the best possible advertisements for both Ruby and Rails.

I can't say how proud of the community in #rubyonrails I am. It's truly one of the biggest assets to Rails. Just like ruby-talk (and #ruby-lang) is it for Ruby itself.

P.S.: I'm pretty excited to see what but she's a girl... comes up with in her Getting Things Done application. I'm rediscovering David Allen's approach to productivity and I'd love to see what a Rails application could do for it. About the road itself, she writes:

I’m stunned that a framework which can create something as complex and professional as Basecamp can also allow a totally green newbie like me to make something cool and functional, without making me tear my hair out.

Challenge by Marten Veldthuis on November 07, 19:38

"the beginning we've had but she's a girl.. talks" ... there's an error in your html sources here.

Challenge by bsag on November 07, 20:07

So, no pressure then? ;-) I have no idea if it's going to be of any use to anyone else - as I said, it's more of a learning tool for me, but it's working pretty well in that context. It's also going to take a bit of time because I can only work on it in odd moments evenings and weekends, though progress tends to be fairly rapid when I get down to it. Lots of fun, anyway!

Challenge by radsaq on November 07, 21:25

Witness the awesome power of having legions of slaves that sit around all day with their brains jacked into the internet!

Challenge by Brian Anderson on November 10, 9:32

Being a php developer I am tired of the #php people constantly saying "read the f(un) manual." Obviously we wouldn't be asking questions in the channel if it weren't for a problem the manual couldn't help us with. I attended "The making of Basecamp" and had a moment to speak with David right after the seminar. He encouraged me to check out Ruby and Rails and continued to say how much he enjoyed the Ruby community compared to the PHP crowd. Well, I'm leaping in... lets hope its enjoyable, productive...and addicting!

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